When I came across this page I went all head and heals over the products I saw mostly because of the quality prints and most importantly the pricing. Usually we all don’t may much attention onto the selling pages that are relatively new and just starting out, but sometimes you should give it a try! You never know what surprises might be in store for you.

The Itch To Stitch Instagram handle

Talking about this new instagram page – Itch to Stitch, I would like to highlight this one aspect that all of the already famous instagram shops lack that is quality over quantity and quality which is also dependent on the price within which it is being provided. This page has it all sorted for you guys so if you are wondering that the pretty print and the soothing colors are just a cover to hide the highly priced item, then you are really wrong my friend. Because “costly” and “expensive” are the terms that have already been eliminated by this brand (itch to stitch). Anything and everything that you will see on their page is totally affordable and worth every penny.

Being affordable wasn’t the only reason that made me deeply interested in this brand specifically, there are many more reasons. Somehow let’s imagine you find and equally affordable instagram but I would still rate itch to stitch higher because of these three specific reasons:

  • User Flexibility
  • Quality Assurance
  • Unique Prints

When I say “User Flexibility” I meas the ease that this brand provides to the customers that let’s them customize or request changes in the product items they choose. Because I know you may somehow find a cheap place to buy stuff but the additional benefits can only be provided by a brand that equally values its customers. So here you can make requests for a certain color range or desired patterns. The brand tries their best to provide you with your choice of print but no doubts the prints they already provide with make you go sane in seconds.

The most important aspect that revolves around in the so called textile industry is “Quality Assurance”. What do you think makes a brand valuable. It’s not how beautiful this appear on the outside rather its a combination of visual satisfaction and top notch quality assurance. If a brand manages to achieve these two aspects then the brand value shoots up in no time.

What made me a fan of this page was the prints they provide to the customers, which are just unreal! For details don’t miss out my honest review video. Also visit their instagram page and ask for sending in some of their recent products because not all of the pretty stuff is up on the page. There are still many prints and patterns that are yet to be uploaded as a post so make enquiries and you will get the response accordingly!

Let’s analyze what all you can expect from here. So presently this page is entirely dedicated to handmade stuff. They say this everytime and also have a tagline that says – Handmade is Heartmade. You can find things like:

  1. Headbands
  2. Masks
  3. Scrunchies
  4. Tops
  5. Crop Tops
  6. Chokers
  7. Sling Bags

and the list goes on. This page is trying their best to include in more items but the things they already provide are no less than a competition to the similar niche based instagram pages. This new emerging Instagram Exclusive Brand is handled by one woman army, this young lady named – Pranjal Gupta. She is presently a college student and totally driven by her passion she decided to start on with a side hustle of her own and I am sure this will glow and grow for the better. If this article was entertaining enough for you then don’t forget to check out “itch to stitch“. If all this information is not making you to get up and buy a few products then i don’t know what will because mark my words you are gonna love this decision!



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