As lazy as it feels after reading this title but in real life it’s actually the opposite of it. Having a morning routine might seem a tough task to follow but once you start doing it, your life will transform in ways you never imagined. We see all these successful people say : if you don’t follow a routine then forget about success you will not even succeed in the tasks you plan (if you plan) on a daily basis. And every time we hear them talk like this we either start procrastinating, talking about how they already had the resources which helped them climb the success stair or we just completely ignore it all. I was never a super organized person. I just knew the things I had to do in my mind and I used to execute it one by one (also used to delay stuff frequently). Back then I used to think that this was the best way to get my things done. But these past months I took this initiative of executing things a certain way and I was very happy with the results and how I felt in the end. Every person will have a different set of things that make up to their priority list, so I will list out some common things that SHOULD be your priority regardless of anything.

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Waking Up Early :

If you are planning on doing things before 8 am the most obvious thing is waking up early. It is good to see that teens or almost the majority of the young population these days tries to seek out motivation from various sources available online like YouTube, Instagram, inspirational blog posts and the list goes on. But the problem arises when they read them but don’t absorb or implement the same into their lives. Waking up early according to us is termed to be the most difficult task let alone we can cross our limits in finding ways to escape this. When I finally decided to wake up early believe me it’s no flex it just feels happy and positive. I have never had this kind of feeling ever before. When we wake up late we feel tired, irritated and not at all positive about anything around us. It feels as if we missed a very important part which seems to be absolutely true. Waking up early doesn’t mean you gotta drag yourself out of bed as early as 4 am. Just make sure to wake up early enough keeping in mind a healthy sleep pattern. I bet on this fact that within few days, you will start to feel positive changes. You will start feeling and behaving a certain way and this is why I want you to try this for a few days and experience that feeling, that energy rush, that morning motivation, that will drive you through the entire day without regrets.

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Connect with Nature :

Waking up early has its own perks! If you look around in todays world everything related with technology. We are surrounded by screens all the time including our mobile phone, laptops, computers, television and what not. We have this everywhere and the year 2020 pushed us even further in this regard by concepts like – work from home. If we analyze a single day in our life we will observe that we ultimately end up before a screen, let it be work or leisure time. This made us sad, irritated and frustrated during the lockdown period. People ask about solutions but they forget that the biggest, the easiest and the best solution to this lies in front of our eyes and we simply don’t value it. Its nature! Have you ever tried spending time in nature or around plants? Because they actually can make you happy. They can make all the irritation, the frustration, the depressed feeling go away. All you need to do is include some time where you spend time outside the technology world. Give those eyes some rest from these endless screens around us. Within days you will start feeling better and better. And the way you handle things will also become easy and smooth because you are taking out time for yourself and letting your body heal and recover in its best way possible.

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Get Fitness on your mind :

When we wake up early we have already achieved a major part of our morning goal. Keeping ourselves fit is equally important as waking up early. I have seen many live examples where people have an option of waking up according to their need so they choose to wake up with ease, all lazy and cozy, when it gets all sunny then they decide to leave their beds and that is when they start getting ready for their so called healthy lifestyle habits of hitting the gym, but just analyze things for once. Waking up late already initiated the negative environment. Morning exercises can never beat any other fitness routine. A human body should work based on a certain lifestyle rule and nowadays all these lifestyle rules have been altered and bended in ways to suit different media companies in different ways. Some have altered it to run things their own way or the others which include the advertising sector, has manipulated these life rules and started using them as a way to generated sales for their so called healthy products. So if you feel any of this makes sense then start waking up early and add a little room for some exercise let it be a simple walk for a start but you will start observing change as exercising will fill you up with energy for the entire day and will not make you feel lazy in any way.

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Pamper your skin :

Once we are done with our sleep pattern and our fitness part, taking care of ourselves should not be neglected. Just like our body, which needs to be pampered in order to stay fit internally, our outer appearance including our skin and everything needs maintenance too. These are things every human being should be bound to follow but we usually let these things slip away. Including a morning skin care routine worked wonders for me. We have seen majority of population complain about how bad their skin is and how these fake products fail to provide them with satisfactory results. This is because we fail in maintaining a proper routine to pamper our skin. So adding a skin care routine, regardless of you being a boy or a girl, it will enhance your self confidence and confident faces are bound to conquer the world. These things sound crazy but how we maintain ourselves has a direct connection on how organized we stay in the corporate world or any profession.

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Have a to-do-list :

Once we get done with all the basic stuff, now we need to look forward into our day and plan on workflow execution and projects. I recently got myself into a habit of preparing a to-do-list for myself to help stay organized during the day and not miss on to any important work. People usually feel that spending time on planning our day is just a mere time waste. But now after following this kind of lifestyle I would say preparing a to-do-list will never hamper your creative time instead it will help you finish your tasks even faster, creating new space and room for other things. Most of us sit down all motivated to create a to-do-list but end up wasting hours on creating it. If you are unable to figure out how to proceed with all this just know that : After you get done with your mini morning routing take a pen and a paper and start recalling all the tasks you need to get done and all the events you need to attend. It is as simple as compiling things on a paper and all you have to do is to make sure that by the end of the day you manage to complete your list or maybe partially fulfill it. This way will never give you the reasons to avoid organizing stuff by saying that to-do-list creation is a simple waste of time. Every thing depends on you and your fate is in your hands, if life has given you unlimited chances to mold your life towards success never be a fool to miss on this treasure.

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