About Me

It’s Storytime guys!

I am a 22-year-old ambivert who happens to be a Food, Fashion & Lifestyle enthusiast and lives in the most diverse & the World’s Largest Democratic country – INDIA. I am an overthinking creative head and penning down ideas is my go to thing to do. After living my teen years of life I have a little quote of mine to mention :

From every emotion we expressed to any reaction that turned out to be an absolute disaster, we grew up.


Now I finally understand why they say life is so unpredictable, it is because the most beautiful things happen at the most unexpected times in our lives. In my school days, reading novels was my best hobby and when I say novels don’t expect me to be reading life experiences and personality grooming stuff. I was more inclined towards fiction and drama and reading fiction novels was so exciting. That is how I got into reading books.

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Now its not always the case that if you love to read you will end up writing stuff too. But I figured out that for me writing was the best way in which I was able to express every possible emotion I felt. This is when I decided to keep a “Secret Diary” for myself (yes yes I had a mad obsession for stuffs like this). Believe me writing in my diary became my favorite hobby, I used to mention everything from my stupid dreams to any interesting experience that I encountered during the day. And then re-reading my past experiences was just so fun and enriching. I managed to keep three of them (yes the diaries).

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Eventually I discovered that my writing style goes a little dramatic way, perfect for writing novels and here I was a true novel lover. So my long ‘Tasks that need to be done’ checklist also has the task of getting my own novel published which is under work. Meanwhile I decided to start my own space, yes its the same space where you are reading this – ThinkXOXO. So while I try to complete my novel I am here in this space with you all to share the knowledge I hold which can add real value to your life.

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I am super grateful to have lived all these years and I am thankful for the situations that I encountered, which helped me change and shape my life in a better way. I discovered a very special relationship with the basic things of life like Food and Fashion which on combining up with some additional things turn out to become a lifestyle! And I am super pumped up and excited to be able to share my part. A big ‘Thank you’ to all my readers for being a part of ThinkXOXO – My soul dream.