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Faces behind ThinkXOXO

A successful website always has a strong base which keeps it up and running all the time. Preventing it from all the last minute bugs and errors.

I would like to introduce you to the one woman army behind the project – ThinkXOXO. Yep that woman is me – Gautami, the one you know from the author bio that flashes everywhere on my website. This project is very close to my heart and I always wanted to start something like this because writing articles is my way of taking out my emotions and reactions towards a thing or a topic. It takes in a lot of effort but its all worth it in the end because you get to influence people provide them with ideas and solutions. This level of satisfaction is much needed and you gain it only when you are passionate towards your work. I never look up to this as “work” because this is something I can keep doing for hours and days without bitching about how tiring it gets.

I always wanted to have a platform from where I could influence not just people around me but spread it on a very large scale. ThinkXOXO is the key to everything I dream and desire. ThinkXOXO is a platform that revolves around the talk related to FOOD.FASHION.LIFESTYLE and everything I write and include in my articles are influenced by me and my experiences altogether. So I can assure you that the information I give out is perfectly true in term of its credibility.


ThinkXOXO is my Stage

The world is my community

Whenever you need to get your hands on things related to Food and Lifestyle you know where to get yours ideas from !