Behind the Blog


I am a 21-year-old ambivert who happens to be a Food, Fashion & Lifestyle enthusiast and lives in the most diverse & the World’s Largest Democratic country – INDIA. I am an overthinking creative head and penning down ideas is my go to thing to do. After living my teen years of life I have a little quote of mine to mention :

From every emotion we expressed to any reaction that turned out to be an absolute disaster, we grew up.

I am super grateful to have lived all these years and I am thankful for the situations that I encountered, which helped me change and shape my life in a better way. I discovered a very special relationship with the basic things of life like Food and Fashion which on combining up with some additional things turn out to become a lifestyle! And I am super pumped up and excited to be able to share my part. A big ‘Thank you’ to all my readers for being a part of ThinkXOXO – My soul dream.