As cool as it seems but I can completely bet on the fact that diet is the most misinterpreted word whenever we talk about food. It is more like the word ‘diet’ got a permanent stamp on how good or bad it can get according to one’s situation. I have never heard people talk about diets in a constructive way. There is always an unwanted negligence wherein people without reading facts come upon a pseudo conclusion on how they are going to tag the word diet in their lives. Don’t believe me, okay let’s do a little task in here.

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The Marketed “Healthy” Diet

What is the very first thing that strikes your mind when I say diet? It’s mostly related to losing or gaining weight but it’s always more emphasized onto the ‘losing’ part. This is why I feel it is very important to normalize the word ‘diet’ for people and this transition can only happen when you will extract the true essence of that word.

Anything we eat or consume as a meal during the day is considered to be a part of our diet. So diet means the compilation of the meals that we have during a certain period of time that can be during the day or night (if you happen to be a mid night craver by chance). I have a lot to say regarding the topic cravings especially the midnight ones but let’s not get diverted from our topic. Now we just need to get this simple fact clear in our heads that if you are a human being and you eat food to survive then my friend you are having a ‘diet’. I hope my emphasis on the word is strong enough for you to realize that anything and everything you eat is considered a part of your daily diet.

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What is a diet?

With the above paragraph I am pretty sure that it gave you complete clarity as to what is termed as a diet. So we have cleared up the definition of diet for good. Now we have a very interesting comparison to ponder upon. Before starting the comparison I would like to add in a little point : You need to start understanding that diet is a word with a very vast meaning, its as good as a lifestyle because that’s what it is – a lifestyle, a habit that you need to get yourself into, it’s a long term plan which will only work if any kind of effort is put in to make it work. I mentioned long term because you cannot just follow a particular way of eating for a month and then suddenly switch to being a careless eater.

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Diet bound

Many people around or the so called society that surrounds us has created this notion in our heads that if you go on a diet it’s the worst thing you could ever do to your body and suddenly the diet receives a tag marked as starving. It’s so ironic because diet actually does the opposite – it helps you feel lighter, fuller, healthier, happier, more energetic, more focused, the list is just endless. If you actually starve during your diet then my friend I think you’re not dieting but fooling yourself with some fad diet. You have to get your basics correct. If you somehow believe that diet is a modification of getting yourself starved then let’s dive in to clear out this misconception. Yes, diet means getting your intake correct and if it revolves around getting slimmer then its an obvious thing that you have been consuming extra amounts of calories which are actually not needed by your body and that has ultimately resulted in fat formation or fat storage. So now if you will go on a diet you will have to reduce your calorie intake and if you get stupid enough to reduce insane amount of calories in your so called weight loss plan then that is what should be called as starving because there is a set minimum barrier for calorie intake which needs to be fulfilled in order to keep your mind and body in a healthy state.

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The problem of starving and dieting arises when you get fooled by diet plans that promise you weight loss in 2 weeks or a month. These are called fad diets.

Fad diets are like fashion trends they get famous and just last for some time and these are majorly faulty in the amount of calorie intake they recommend.


Let’s talk with facts now, a woman needs around 2000 calories a day to maintain her weight and a man needs around 2600 calories a day to maintain his weight. Now if you wanna lose weight, you need to keep this in mind that the worst minimum barrier for any human being is pointed out to be at 1200 calories a day. Below this it becomes supremely harmful for your body because in the process of losing weight you would certainly not like to lose your glow and charm away. And if you try to get below this range, that is when the calorie intake becomes unhealthy and you end up hungry and starving. This might also result in overeating at a certain point where you would just lose control and stuff food to silence your hunger craving. So know that for your body to function properly you need to provide it with the right amount of fuel. It’s not in your hand to just alter things based on your moods; you need to take care about the fact which is valid and good for the long term.

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Your face glow reflects your lifestyle

A little tip for those who struggle in making decisions about a diet, even if you come across a diet which you feel like following just analyze it with these simple questions.

  • Can I follow this diet without straining or stressing myself?
  • Can I follow this diet all along the year or can I survive this for a longer period of time? 

If you can answer these two simple questions then at least you will be able to filter out many fad diets that are actually a plain scam or a marketing strategy. So I hope this article helped you with understanding the terms dieting and starving and their connection. Also we talked about how these both terms come together and play a very important role in creating what the business media calls a fad diet that happens to be in fashion. And I hope my simple way of analyzing diet will help you out in first level filtration of various unknown diets and get your hands onto better ones.

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