Amidst these covid times, the most important topic that has occupied our minds is – immunity. To fight any disease immunity plays a major role, after all the sole task immunity does is to provide protection to the human body by foreign bacterial and viral infections. We have heard doctors say that people with good immunity are blessed with the chances of fighting the diseases way better than others. So in order to make your body capable of protecting itself it’s our responsibility to include foods that can boost our immunity naturally. You must have heard about a lot of medications, let them be allopathic or ayurvedic that claim to enhance our immunity but if we talk about benefits nothing can beat the results that natural food items can provide. So let’s dive into the list of top superfoods that can boost your immunity levels naturally.

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This is something which can be easily found in our households but many people are very strict in the terms on eating garlic. I wish to change your perspective by mentioning some of the insane benefits that only garlic can provide. We as a human being or as a person complain about lack of enough energy that can drive us all throughout the day. We have been seeking out so many ways of generating energy in our body and since ancient times garlic has proven to be a superfood. Back in those days garlic was used to enhance athletic requirements which obviously means more strength and energy. When we crush a garlic before intake it releases a set of powerful enzymes that are responsible for providing us with the basic necessities we seek.

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Indian households can never run out of ginger and what else do you need when the most commonly used food item is said to be a superfood in the area of providing better immunity. During the pandemic, many of the times people have confused ginger for the cure to coronavirus instead ginger is a solid solution on providing the required immunity as it is full of antioxidants but it is not let alone a “solution” on catching coronavirus. The basic working principle behind ginger being the superfood is : it helps in faster regeneration of cells in our body and helps in getting rid of the bacteria/virus that enters our body to infect. 

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Green Tea:

You all must have heard unlimited good things that green tea is bound to provide, well all of that is true. We just need to keep one single thing in mind which is the consumption quantity. I totally agree on the health benefits that green tea has to provide but anything in excess is not good. To understand what green tea does to your body let’s take a simple example. We all have water taps in our houses and if you have closely observed them we might have seen a thin layer of rust that gets formed on the taps overtime. Now here rust is the problem and the things that can help us get rid of rust will be the ultimate solution. This is exactly what green tea does to our body. The problems that we face including bad immunity, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, bad breath etc. are the “rust” elements and green tea is the solution to removing this type of rust.

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If we talk about all the vegetables collectively and analyze the health benefits that they have to offer, broccoli tops the list with the immense benefits it has to provide. Usually broccoli is not seen as a common vegetable in use in the Indian households, that is why it is very important to know what we are missing out in our day to day diet. Broccoli is a vegetable that has a power bundle of vitamins, minerals, fiber and bioactive compounds. One of the best aspects of broccoli I found out was that it is very low in calorie count (best to spice up your boring diet routine). Now the major component that a body requires for boosting its immunity is the presence of antioxidants. Again broccoli is a vegetable that contains antioxidants which helps provide the necessary protection to our body from foreign material.

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We always hear our parents talk about the importance of green leafy vegetables in order to have a proper healthy balanced diet. Well spinach for sure can do the exact same things for us. Having spinach in our diet can boost immunity while providing proper antioxidants. It is a major source of vitamin E which again helps in enhancing our immunity to fight diseases and protect our body from the inside. If you remember a very famous cartoon from the good old days named “Popeye the sailor man”. He was always seen with a rich can of spinach soup, and every time he used to drink it, that soup would provide instant energy to popeye and hence he was able to fight all the burglars on his own. This cartoon actually conveyed the message that spinach is the best thing for building up muscle mass in our body. Again a healthy muscular body means better capacity to fight viruses and bacteria. 

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All the fruits that we see around us are a major source of natural sugar and nutrients. Papaya is one of the yummiest fruits. Being tasty it also has enough health benefits to get it considered as a super fruit for a healthy lifestyle. You can understand the role of papaya as providing all the health essentials items in one go. Papaya is said to have a high amount of Vitamin C present which makes it a much needed fruit for better immunity. It can literally flush out the toxins present in our body, pretty much like an organic detox fruit.

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Citrus Fruits:

When we were looking over the benefits of papaya in enhancing human immunity we mentioned how it was a major source of Vitamin C which helps in immunity enhancement. Having said that if we talk about citrus fruits the most obvious thing is that they all contain Vitamin C in majority. So without any doubt citrus fruits are the best when talking about having good immunity. It is also a powerhouse of essentials like fiber, potassium, calcium, Vitamin-B1,B2,B3,B6, Phosphorous, Magnesium and much more. So consuming citrus fruits can provide you much more than just a better immune system.

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Did this article help you understand more about immunity boosting food items? If you enjoyed reading this piece don’t forget to check our more such articles in the food section and also I am open to feedbacks so feel free to leave one below 🙂




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