I have literally no idea of the never ending moment where I though about this topic over and over in my head. Growing up used to feel like a trophy, and the journey to get to that trophy as I imagined must have been amusing. It definitely was amusing but the amount of things that happened which as a child I never ever imagined were a great toll on my stress levels. Who through growing up was such an enriching yet trouble some experience. IRONIC right!? Well, as I am almost on the verge of calling myself a grown up coz I now have a JOB you guys. That is definitely a grown up thingy. So I would like to take you all with me on this thought journey wherein we chit chat a little. Also, this is for all those young lovie dovies out there still dreaming of adulthood, I wanna snap them out of their dreams just to make them realize that they are missing out on a really dreamy part – CHILDHOOD by dreaming about something which they will eventually have to catch upto as they age. No choice there kiddos, live your life while you can.

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Teen age is beautiful

While growning up we see so many people around us living their lives in different ways and our minds being so fresh grasp each and every little detail. We are the powerhouse of wonderers who make sure to solve each mystery they encounter, let alone any non mysterious event too. And one such mystery to me was being a grown-up. Society has so many norms going around that they eventually create a hype of every other thing that should be considered normal in this small and confined little world but ahan how can things be so simple! How can we stop chaos and live happily ever after. I bet you all must have heard this line atleast once in your childhood that – “The real world has no fairty tales and its not always one happily ever after”. As a little child my brain could only process things that I would see all around me. Seeing adults being able to take charge of their own life was the only adrenalin rush that I ever felt. Being little gives us so many privelages but we deny to acknowledge them somehow only to realise how lucky that phase was when we slowly grow older and older.

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Uplift each other

To all my sweet teeny-tiny minds pondering upon the fact that how does it feel to be a grown-up, I would like to answer it for you. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Its nothing horrific or sad, its as beautiful as you have imagined it in your mind. The only power that can snatch away this pure thought of yours would be the society and the aura you choose to be in. We always feel and neglect how our parents try to teach us stuff. Its because that have eventually been through every little detail we are experiencing today or might experience in the coming future. And yes trust me you get to experience EVERYTHING! Because its a cycle and all are bound to get through it one by one as the time approaches. But I would also like to add this, considering the evolution happening over generation gap. I would put forward my words to every parent in this very lively world to know that the universe has given you this golden chance of living and witnessing the change, adapting to it, teaching and learning all at once. This is that beautiful period wherein you can get up and bond with your children on a level you though wasn’t possible. The phase of becoming an adult is only beautiful as you start realising things and noticing how easier it was to control our actions and wishes, how rich it is to be able to put yourself out in the world and create change on our own. Being able to become a part of a revolution that never happened before is in itself a miraculous experience.

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Parents are a true blessing!

You all will grow up, you all will witness things, you all will witness phases that you just could not have imagined. The intensity intensifies as your little brain starts to develope and enrich itself. Make sure to feed it the right way. Its very easy to get lost on a path which maybe one choice amongst the endless choices present. But, even if someday you accidently choose the wrong path just know that all you gotta do is turn around and approach the initial. The learning here is if you fall, recovery would first be – getting to back to the moment you used to be because one wrong things definitely detoriates your achievements but also hampers the very core. And once this happens you know what to do – restore the core and simply choose the better set of goals followed by achievements.

I would like to take the opportunity of having my own platform to share some feelings on either side. This is from those childern who try and fail and try and fail but are still strugging to make it through, still struggling to feel loved in the eyes of their parents. I would like to say this on their behalf to their parents that – Hey mom and dad, you are the best thing that ever could have happened to me. I am more than grateful for the things you do for me, its just that my tiny brain does not really grasp the meaning of gratitude yet. But believe me if I could become the one, with the ability to choose, I would end up choosing you both over and over again. I try so hard but also fail to understand the complexities sometimes. I hope you forgive me and start believeing in what I could do and achieve eventually in life. I love you for being present for me, its magical.

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Take charge of your life

I would also like to take the opportunity to help those parents who unknowingly have failed to be the support pillar for their children. I would like to say this to their kids on their behalf – Sorry my love for not being present for you always when you needed me. This is something I could have done better but I missed. I hope you still think of me as your little world and I hope you still love me the same because I definitely do. I would like to give you this assurance my child that let it be any situation, never feel that I would not be standing by your side. I love you. I might not have done a good job uptil now but believe me even I can be the one making mistakes even after being a grown up. I know that you look upto me and the thought of me making silly mistakes just shatters you to the very bottom, but I promise you that I try to be better and better everyday. I hope you forgive my past and live the present with me in every best way possible.

I know many people are looking forward to above mentioned kind of validations and well hey I am that missing validation you need and I got it for you straight outta my heart to yours. So just stop being sad for once and smile. Its gonna be okay and you gonna rock the world baby.



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