So, after giving in months and months long research I decide to finally give up my overburdening thoughts and go for hair smoothening. For the people who are unaware : there are various types of hair chemical treatments within which the major category is said to be : Straightening and smoothening. Many people avoid going directly for hair straightening as it involved very harsh process and while undergoing that process you will actually get convinced that you have destroyed your hair for good. This is not the case when it comes to smoothening as the procedure is kinda different and less harmful in every way possible.

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Ultimately it is an ultimatum that you are undergoing a chemical hair treatment so you will have to face some consequences. But what I feel is if you are aware about facts and do not give up on taking good hair care nothing can stop you from having healthy hair even after a chemical treatment. I heard many people say that you will end up losing all of your hair and you will regret your decision. I was very scared at one point but I never gave up my hunt for answers and here I am all happy with a chemical treatment and also with some perfect answers to imperfect questions! Let’s take them up one by one 🙂

Q: Are chemical treatments bad?

See treating your hair with some harsh chemicals is going to show some opposite results on your hair. You cannot expect your hair to withstand nonstop chemical attack and expect them to be all healthy without giving in effort. So yes there are a few things people keep in mind before going in for a chemical treatment.

  1. Be aware of your hair condition. You should not have severe hair fall as it will only worsen the smoothening condition. As chemicals will have a very dangerous effect on them
  2. Choose wisely in between straightening and smoothening. Smoothening is anytime a better option.
  3. Don’t blindly trust the people in salons. They are there to run a business not to be a godfather/godmother to you.
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Q: Does chemical treatment marks the end of healthy hair?

This is not true as the health of your hair will depend on your hair care pattern. Yes chemicals do cause harm but then there are also ways to prevent it. The most important thing here lies in not believing in each and everything around you. Because you need to be aware and cautious of the happening as it will affect you in the long term and not the person who is suggesting you to do a thing. You may see many people even after multiple chemical treatments still manage to have good thick hair. If you wanna be one of them please stay alert and make sure to provide nourishing to your hair. Oiling is never bad for hair, I know many hair stylist would contradict this statement but as I said stay alert! I will tell you when and how oiling can help you cause miracles.

Q: Do we need to quit oiling after getting a chemical treatment?

Well I know if you have been through a treatment already you must have been said to stay away from things like oiling hair as it will affect your smoothening. We get it that preventing your hair from unnecessary processes for a month sounds legit after a treatment but giving up oiling totally will not only make you hair quality bad but you will end up losing your hair for good. So you can oiling for one month but after that be sure to be regular. Oiling won’t hurt you smoothening but it will make you hair roots stronger. And if you want to continue with chemicals treatments you will easily be able to undergo with the same!

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Q: What are the perks of getting hair smoothening?

  1. Hair becomes easily manageable and you can gracefully carry any kind of hairstyle.
  2. If you have really long hair and leaving them open seems to be a task to you, smoothening can solve the problem for you as it is a work of wonders on long hair and you will be able to carry them open without any worries.
  3. Your hair will not get tangled at all but you still have to make sure to keep combing your hair throughout as it increases blood circulation which is good for hair roots.

So these were some of the basic doubts that people have in their mind, if you have any questions please drop them in the comment box below and also let me know if I missed out something.




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