Being an Indian kid, having roti and chapati becomes a staple diet for you. Let it be any meal of the day, you never ever feel like skipping over chapatis for that meal. Considering that wheat becomes a staple, we never ponder upon the fact that there can be instances where excessive wheat can become somewhat unhealthy for you and we ignoring our wheat intake are left wondering what could possibly be the cause. No I am not talking things randomly but this is something that I went through and I felt like sharing it to the audience I have, thinking some of you may benefit from this.

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Just like any other person having chapati, every meal was super normal for me. Well I would like to point out a little towards my past- few months ago if I say precisely 7-8 months ago I was living the worst phase of my life. I had never been so chubby my entire life and the way I got there has a separate story altogether. Any amount of effort that I used to put in like gymming, running, walking all seemed to fail and I had zero motivation because that’s what happens when you desperately want something and fail every time you try.

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I had tried dieting in the past but it didn’t work for me. But this time I actually sat down and tried to figure out what was the point that I was somehow missing and where I was turning out to be wrong. Soon I educated myself in regard to certain things and what all do we consume – the basic necessities. And I had gained enough knowledge on how my diet composition should look like and exercising to any extent without a proper diet intake was completely useless.

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Now comes the topic where I will start talking about wheat. So wheat has this thing called gluten. The simple way to understand this is the elasticity that wheat possesses when we turn it into a dough is a sign of the presence of gluten in it. Gluten reacts differently with different bodies. There are people in this world who are gluten intolerant which mean if they try to consume gluten in any form, that can cause allergies and prove to be a havoc in their life. Gluten presence in any food item is divided as the natural gluten content and the one that forms when we keep stretching it while making the dough. Now you may try to relate with the fact when you are asked to keep stretching the dough for like 5-10 mins when you are preparing it for baking the pizza base.

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It is because that helps in building up the gluten content making it more stretchy. The way I discovered was that having a large intake of gluten multiple times a day can result in weight gain. Obviously I knew that not everyone’s body will relate with this fact but nothing else was working so I decided to cut on gluten for a while and strictly schedule my meals on fixed timings twice a day. Now you might be thinking this is nonsense how would have I survived on just veggies and fruits.

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You are correct my friend because when I decided to cut on gluten meaning when I decided to cut on wheat chapati I replaced the normal chapatis with the one that had no or negligible gluten content. So this helped me eliminate gluten at the same time balancing it with other wheat like non gluten flour. And guess what this actually started working for me. My weight started to drop gradually and of course I had added things like compulsory workout and proper meal plans excluding gluten. So by this article I wanted to convey the message that gluten can react differently with different bodies, if you wanna know it for yourself try to conduct a little experiment just like I did. I will link down the substitute grains that I was intaking instead of wheat.

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    1. There are great number of resources on youtube to help you start, I did the same and ya it takes a lil time and patience but hey you got all the time in the world so just go for it, i would love to see you succeed xoxo!!

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