Are you that member of the family who always gets assigned the duty of doing laundry and when it comes to using the detergent, the struggle to get that perfect amount is unreal because it always gets a little too less or a little too much. You must be thinking who the hell writes an article on the struggles of doing laundry and not being able to get the correct detergent amount? What if I say that you don’t have to mess up with your powder/liquid detergents anymore for measuring to get the accurate amount for fresh and clean clothes. You must be thinking right now that how can we not talk about detergent, it’s obviously a must for washing clothes. Now I have a little news for you : Can you think of any other form in which the detergent can be manufactured/supplied? Come on go crazy with the possibilities because when I will lay out the facts for you believe me it will spin your head for good.

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Do you happen to remember the paper soaps that you used to carry along with you (yes it was when the hand sanitizers weren’t a thing). Now if I say that washing your laundry is just a paper soap away! Okay I know this is sounding totally insane but I recently came across something called – Tru Earth Eco-Strips. The detergent market has finally made the transition from being a 3D product to a 2D product as in from bulky liquid detergent bottles/ washing powder packets to something as simple as a strip, a laundry strip to be more precise. I never expected that the bulky bottles of detergent would decide to go on a keto diet . But coming back to the discussion let’s talk more about what all this product has to offer. (This is not a sponsored post and is purely for reader’s knowledge and awareness)

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About Tru Earth Eco Strips:

As the name suggests these laundry strips claim to be the best eco friendly way to get your laundry done with minimum to almost zero waste production. Each laundry strip is actually made up of highly concentrated eco friendly cleaning powder/detergent powder which slowly dissolves as and when it comes in contact with water. Interestingly it supports all types of washers: top loaders and front loaders and even the high efficiency ones.

Why choose laundry strips:

1) Its eco friendly: Clean and green

Laundry detergents are known to contain chemicals which are very harmful and are usually found in paints and varnishes. But on the other hand laundry strips claim to be paraben free, phosphate free, have no added dyes, no traces of chlorine bleach, 1,4-dioxane free also certified by independent test laboratories and finally it is termed to be vegan and animal cruelty free.

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2) Environmental Benefits

We all have heard about the word eco/ecological footprint which is a way that provides us to measure the amount of ecological assets we use to provide the existing population with the required items. Now as these laundry strips claim to be eco friendly, this point gets cleared out as the ecological footprint created by laundry strips is insanely less than the existing detergent products. Less ecological footprint of a product means more ecological asset presence for the ever growing population. As we talked about the detergent transformation from contents in a bulky bottle to becoming a thin foam sheet of ultra concentrated detergent, it has reduced drastically in size and weight which directly affects the transportation in a very positive way. This has resulted in incredibly less fuel consumption and much lesser carbon emissions (reduced by 94%). This in turn has reduced the transportation costs which again gives us a win win situation. The packaging done by Tru Earth is plastic free, this shows the use of some of the best practices to protect our environment.

3) Hassle free

Measuring the right amount of detergent to use for the laundry was never this easy. One laundry strip equals one wash or one load. And if you somehow want to use less detergent because you don’t have a full load of laundry to wash it can’t get any easier because all you got to do is tear up the concentrated detergent foam in half or 1/4th piece according to your suited requirement. No spills and no unnecessary wastage.

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4) Cleaning Power

I know for a fact that we would never compromise the cleaning quality just for the sake of saving some extra space or buying bulky items but laundry strips actually assure you powerful cleaning with added benefits which we talked about in the above paragraph and to gain customer trust they have 100% money back guarantee which allows you to have a real life experience using their product and if somehow you happen to dislike the product you can always return and get a full refund. This is a Canada based product which means it is manufactured in Canada but provides with free shipping without any contracts. 

In case you feel interested you may check them out by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article! I am always open to suggestions so feel free to comment down below and let me know how this article helped you.




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