Who doesn’t love to take a bath? Well, that too depends on the weather. A sizzling hot summer day requires a not too chilly cold shower and an icy morning required a hot tub with hot chocolate in hand while enjoying the tub time. What makes your bath experience such calming and intriguing? What makes it so much like therapy, it’s like everything you were seeking out came easily into your hands! Well, my loves, it’s actually the aroma that surrounds the splash of water. Yes!! You got that right finally, what you choose to bathe with plays an important role in how your mood will turn out to be and how refreshed you will be eventually.

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I personally love to pick out soaps, shower gels, scrubs for myself, and girl it’s one hell of a process. To be able to choose one from the entire alluring range, that requires some great decision-making skills. Well, most of us seem to lack that, shopping is our sensitive nerve no matter for what it is. SO I thought why not start a series of writings wherein I try to help you be reviewing the product, telling its pros and cons, and then let you choose and make a perfect decision for your skin, well in context to this blog post yes it will be a decision made for your skin!

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I am sure you must have heard about the brand “Pulp India”. The name is catchy enough to let you remember it for the rest of your life! So I am starting my series of reviews with this awesome brand and by the end of the blog post I will also let you know how you can make a purchase with a significantly better discount.

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So today as we are in the mood of making our shower experience a perfect date for ourselves – I introduce you to this particular product by Pulp India which is – Pulp – Coffee & Love Superfood Scrub. Recently, I got the chance to have a hands-on experience with the product and here I am to share the outcomes with my people. So this comes in squishy packaging much like your favorite tomato ketchup packet, and why not it’s equivalent to food for your skin. This made me remind of a promise that Pulp India makes over their skincare range that is – This is a superfood for your skin. And If somebody has that to say, well they gotta have some crazy ingredients in their defense. Let’s find out!

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Theobroma cacao extract – Now these are a particular kind of seeds, can also be called beans – much particular cocoa beans used to make cocoa powder. The very first ingredient has taken my heart away as we are literally using cocoa beans for our bathing scrub!

Euterpe oleracea (Acai) fruit extract – This particular description is nothing but Acai berry extract which are indeed a “SUPERFOOD” for not just skin but many other issues humanly possible. But talking in regard to skin – It acts as a skin-conditioning agent and is proven to be very useful in skin health.

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Coffea robusta seed powder – This is the powder that we obtain from the seeds of Robusta Coffea – which is known for its exfoliant properties. It helps in cleansing off the bacterial layer present on our skin and helps in better blood circulation which will again help in removal of toxins from our body. It is a cure for skin conditions like stretch marks and skin ageing.

Theobroma cacao seed powder – This is again a seed powder of Theobroma Cacao native to South America. It helps in skin relief and protects injured skin from further damage. So we can say our Pulp body scrub has healing properties too!

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Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil – People with oily and combination skin, usually suffer from choosing the right kind of product, so here it comes – This particular grape seed oil is majorly a cure for acne-prone oily and combination skin type so we can say that this scrub is a big thumbs up for people having oily skin and acne.

*A word of caution* – Scrubbing on acne can result in the popping of acne, which will help the acne spread out so before scrubbing, be careful about the pressure you apply by your fingers as it can ruin the entire thing for you!


Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (almond) oil – This almond oil helps out in the smoothening skin as it has lubricating properties

Glycine soja (soya bean) oil – This has two major uses on the skin. Firstly, it acts as a sun protection or a UV protection so you can say it muck likely acts like a sunscreen. Secondly, it has anti-inflammatory properties. And it also works on sensitive skin or skin with redness.

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Tocopheryl acetate – This is a synthetic form of Vitamine E and It shows properties like protecting the skin for UV radiations.

These were some of the main ingredients that constitute our Pulp Superfood Scrub


It is very simple to use, you just need to follow some simple steps:

  1. Make sure the skin are you want to start with is wet enough. Add a little splash of water to do so. It will make the application much easier.
  2. Take a little amount in your hand and scrub gently all over the skin.
  3. Do not keep it rubbing for too long as it may result in open pores and you don’t want that. Trust me.
  4. Gently wash off with normal water. Never use hot water on the skin, it may result in dead skin cells, which will again hamper your skin from shining and glowing in its true form.
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  • This is a scrub with all-in-one property.
  • It is a thumbs up for all skin types ranging from dry, oily, sensitive and combination.
  • It has properties of sunscreen and UV Protection
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It can help in reducing skin irritations and redness
  • It can help minimize stretch marks
  • It can provide a smooth and soft skin texture
  • It is also a great way to hydrate and lubricate your skin
  • It can help skin that is suffering from acne
  • Helps repair and protect injured skin
  • It is a great skin conditioning source

If you want to check out more products for skin care you can head over to Woovly which is a buzzing platform and a place where you can get an insane amount of discounts. And you can always use my code “Gautami25” to avail yourself of that extra 25% discount on any skin care product you wish to have. Happy Shopping my loves!

And that’s all I have, for now, I hope you had a great time reading this. I will keep coming up with review posts to help you make a better choice for yourself and your skin!



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