Have you ever wondered that how and when your under eyes start to develop a darker skin tone? I bet you all in you pretty teen years must not have pondered upon this much. But things are changing and getting different than the usual. You may say – How is that? I am still on with my old schedule or maybe more eased out and relaxed, my days are going good and well, there is another addition – the nights of course are not just as boring as getting to sleep right away. I treat myself to a movie or a web series after the day long hard work and mind stress. Don’t I deserve this much fun?

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Nowadays we are living in a different world altogether. It’s not again as free and simple as before. We cannot really roam around without having one fear of catching the widespread virus. So this has made a major change in our lifestyle. We all are social beings and one of the most important things that beings like us crave is socializing. If we are made to lock ourselves up and stay like that for a pretty long time – then that will come out as pure struggle. And yes, we all have been in this struggle since the pandemic initiated. So we all also decided to up our game and made the screens our best friend. Anything and everything that required going out and doing errands are now possible with a click of a button.

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So have you already captured the point I am about to make? If not, no worries, I’m gonna write it anyway. So as we all humans started spending our entire day in front of the so-called “Screens” this is when it started to affect our eyes. And one of the visible symptoms became dark circles as staying up late at night became a daily ritual and the right amount of sleep almost forgot that it had rights too. This happened with me too guys! Okay, I know the entire introduction went kinda dramatic, but I am sure you enjoyed it reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. So when my dark circles got pretty much visible for good, I sat down to google a solution for it. Now nothing is an overnight miracle unless you are some person who surprisingly got magical powers out of nowhere.

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While I was surfing the internet I came across this particular product by a brand named – Juicy Chemistry – and the product was named – Prickly Pear, Chia & Tamanu Eye Rollon. Now being all girly I cannot deny my only craving to buy something to pamper my skin while the eye roll-on not being everyone’s endgame. So I decided to buy it and trust me guys, I and my little sister still fight over applying it. It’s been like your toothpaste is literally finished, but just to make sure you flatten it from tail to head, just to check for any extra paste that might still be sitting around in the tube somehow.

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So I feel when I have used the product myself, you can be assured that the information provided is 100% real and credible. Now I will walk you through its ingredients which will obviously help you and me know what skin type can reap the benefits and how it’s formulated for its best use.


Camellia Seed Oil – This is one of the best plant oils for our skin. It helps in improving the very much-needed elasticity of our skin and replenishes it with the required nutrients. This oil is also known to penetrate deep into our skin tissues and prevent them from completely drying out.

Prickly pear Seed Oil – Prickly pear seed oil has endless amounts of benefits that it can show on our skins. It is like the perfect ingredient, an all-in-one composition of so many skin-related issues. From the information that I could gather – this particular peer, seed oil reduces fine lines, it is a great cure for premature wrinkle formation as it helps reduce it within time, the major quality that we were looking out for is its whitening properties in the case of dark circles. It helps calm the area of redness which means it is a great choice in case of sunburn. It also evens out and brightens the complexion.

Chia Seed Oil – If you maintain an intake of Chia seeds through your diet is definitely game-changing for your skin. It heals it inside out, the same goes for the Chia seed oil, which is a major ingredient in helping the skin revive its elasticity and add back the lost shine.

Sweet Almond Oil – If you have never used almond oil on your skin before, it is better to conduct a patch test. A patch test is nothing but when you take a small area of your skin and apply that area with the product you desire to check if it will cause any reaction or any allergy. If you are allergic to nuts, make sure to test before application. The Rest coming upon its benefits – It is a great way to get your original complexion back and make it even lighter. So it plays a crucial role in lightening your skin. This is the result of vitamin E that is present in almond oil.

Tamanu OilTamanu oil is a very important ingredient used in skin care product manufacturing industries and its major usage can be seen in anti-aging products particularly creams. As it has great content of fatty acids, it helps keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

I hope you all enjoyed reading another review, I happen to have a little present always – if you choose woovly as a platform for your purchases, then make sure to use my code – Gautami25 – as it will allow you to have some extra discounts on any product you wish. I try to come up with reviews and then again allow you to have some discount at the same time. I won’t talk about anything which is not good in real, so if you love my writings I am sure you can have the credibility to try out what is suggested. Do drop your experience with the product in the comment box. I love replying to your comments and it gives me the courage to keep writing more and more engaging content. So see you soon my loves!



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