I always wanted to try out these various kinds of makeup holding spray. Well, while thinking out after makeup-spray, started to feel like a distant dream because the very initial step in a professional makeup process seemed to be of a product named – Primer. I hope you all are already aware of this, for those who are not – Primer is a product that helps even out the skin and prep it for applying makeup. This helps in the better application of makeup while protecting our original skin layer from harsh chemical-induced products. So this takes me into a deep thought of lacking the two most important things that you require to ace makeup and protect your skin at the same time.

These lockdown days have made me a pro surfer, lol yeah an intense worldwide web surfer! So whenever any thought bothers me or makes me curious enough, that is when I make myself comfortable, take out my one and only laptop and start seeking answers to my mystery questions. So this is how I started to surf about a product for two stages – Before makeup & After Makeup. I never thought that a primer and an after spray can be combined as a single product. How crazy this seems right, on one side you need to prep your skin, making it makeup ready and on the other side, you need something to hold your final look in place.

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Well, if you give it a deep thought, both the products require to hold makeup in place just the initial positions being different. For a primer, it’s the shield to the original skin and for the after-spray, it is the protection from the outside which includes the surrounding environment and even the body’s natural reaction to the environment like sweating, etc.

So here I am again to give you an insightful review of this awesome product by Accoje, and I will help you deduce and rate this product in terms of its use and results. Then I will also enter a section for you to take notes from – So if you feel you don’t have much time and are already way too curious you can simply skip to the “NOTES” part. That will help you answer all of your queries at once. So enough blabbering, for now, let’s dive into it.


  • Jeju pine needle:
    Pine needle extracts contain Vitamin A particular, which works wonders for the skin. It helps build the skin’s immune system by helping it heal better every day. It prevents breakouts from happening and is also a natural moisturizer in itself. It is a major helping hand production on red blood cells and helps in skin regeneration.
  • Sasa palmata:
    Sasa palmata contains a high level of Vitamin B (folate) along with Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin B5. This helps improve skin texture which is in one way or another helping healthy skin formation (healthy cell growth on a cellular level).
  • Volcanic bedrock water Jeju water
    Volcanic bedrock water Jeju water is pure and clean. This is the Lava seawater that exists in volcanic areas like Jeju island. The fresh Mineral water has been existing in the deep levels of Jeju Island and being cherished for hundreds of years.
  • Jeju green tea:
    One of the main characteristics of green tea is – its major composition of antioxidants, reduces the risk of many diseases including ones related to the heart. It helps the brain function better and even protects against a few types of cancers. Its main skin-related properties like antimicrobial, UV ray damage, skin issues like redness and irritation. Jeju green tea extracts have antimicrobial properties that help with UV damage, redness, and irritation.
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  • A natural moisturizer
  • Helps get rid of acne skin
  • Helps skin heal naturally and in skin regeneration
  • Helps improve skin texture
  • Contains antioxidants.
  • Reduces heart related diseases due to its ingredient compositions
  • It is antimicrobial
  • Prevents UV rays damage
  • Reduces skin redness and irritation.

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I hope this article helped you clear your doubt regarding the product. Don’t miss out on much more awesome content coming right up!



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