Whenever I think about skincare the basic things always come down to be how to keep our face clean. The basic step towards achieving the same is washing your face! Yes guys if you do not have a habit of washing your face frequently, then you must first lay your hands on the basic skincare then think upon moving to the next part. And definitely, it will not be possible that every face wash suits every skin type. There will be ingredients that will only match a particular skin type and not just every other skin.

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Interestingly, when I came across products from rose and gold cosmetics, the very first thing that I came across was that the face wash was made for all skin types. Nothing can be better than a face wash, which is tried and tested for its ingredients to be working the perfect way for all skin types and textures. I am not saying that using a skin type-specific face wash is somewhat bad or not the ultimate choice. But many people struggle with the dilemma of choosing the correct one for their skin and the most shocking part it some of them are not actually able to detect their correct skin type and then in turn end up getting the product that will never suit their skin. This is how they end up hating the product even after they were the one committing the mistake of wrong judgment. Well, we cannot blame the audience as there are many people still learning their way into skincare and all we can do is our best to help the same crowd. So Rose and Gold facewash becomes your one-stop solution for any skin texture. It also helps reduce pigmentation and is environmentally friendly.

Lately, I have been super obsessed with serums and the way they work into our skin is just mesmerizing. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the vitamin C serum by rose and gold and I must say I fell in love with it. Our skin needs a little more than just simple water hydration and the same serums have proven to be worthy in every way. Serums have now become an intimate part of any skin routine. Let alone, even heavy makeup routines also seem to have inculcated the practices of using face serum to enhance the skin texture and quality. We all know that how great citrus is at the concept of skin brightening and Vitamin C serum is just the same formula made to be existing in the form of serum nowadays. This was the application of the product becomes even simpler and its ulterior motive is to enhance the skin cells and generate a lighter undertone. Giving a brightening effect to the skin this is no doubt so far the best Vitamin C formula generated. It is an easy application, definitely non-sticky and not like the usual serums present in the market and it helps us achieve a skin tone lighter than what we already possess.

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