Interior designing is every human being’s love but most of the time we are just left dreaming and wondering of the times when we would actually be able to creatively transform the space. Little do we know that everything that a space transformation requires is right in front of our eyes. It just some creative heads that capture the vibing opportunity instantly. Decorating a space doesn’t require loads of fancy money instead its the idea and the resource knowledge. So to give your new year a kick start with fresh and new room vibe here I am with perfect chic boho ideas you can adopt instantly for your room!

A Giant Mirror:

Floor mirrors are the best definition of perfection and if you have a lonely corner that needs some love and coverup, get up right away and invest in some good fat ass floor mirror. This can be your opportunity to be able to click fancy images while adding luxury chic vibe to your room. These antique wooden borders can never go wrong when we talk about mirrors. They add such a different shine to the product, totally irresistible.

Cactus Plants:

We always see people add plants to richen up the space. These plants are sometimes the real ones or usually the artificial ones. But I can bet that there would be very few cases where you can easily spot a cactus specifically used for the decor part. People love to add plants every time but they miss on this master item that is actually worth adding. And when talking about a mauve pastel shades involving shades of brown and cream, cactuses can do wonders. I dare you to try this out and you won’t regret.

Hanging Shelf:

Bookshelves are always aesthetically pleasing to have around us. But those normal block bookshelves do not attract our attention anymore, instead we need something to spice up that look. And what else could be better than a cute hanging bookshelf with small books and decorative pieces settled up. This semi bookshelf is a combination of a utility furniture with a classic decorative touch, serving two needs at one time.

Floor Rug:

Rugs and carpets are my all time favourites. Some say it unnecessarily covers up the space and make the space look less organised. This happens when you simply try to fit in items that don’t go along and to prove how beautiful use a rug can have I have this picture that I initially share at the start of the blog post for your reference. SO if that picture gives you the smooth and calm vibe then nothing should stop you from trying out adding rugs to your living space or bedroom area!

Photo Frames:

And lastly finalizing the look we have photo frames, that have always been an evergreen decorative item and will continue to be. The only requirement to fit i any kind of photo frame is to cross check the color combination or the geometric pattern for added perfection. If these two things are checked and coordinated then a photo frame failing to make a wall look good would be some nonsense that we won’t be able to believe!

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