Okay so I decided to start a mini series on my instagram related to makeup. It is titled VIBGYOR by Gautami as it is a series inspired by colors in a rainbow and I really wanted to play around with different ways to apply eyeshadows. So this is my super duper idea dumping place so here I am guyss. We will walk through how I chose the look and what all steps I did to achieve it! I will also let you know some tips and tricks for the same alongside.

This was my final look:

So now let’s see on the steps, how I ended up with such a look. So the very first color that I was supposed to work on was violet and well, each and every color is just so pretty so it gets overwhelming not to go all gaya over the colors.

I decided to create a graphic liner look, now to create such a look you don’t actuallly need to have a graphic liner, you can do it with pretty much anything and everything.

STEP 1 – Pick the appropriate violet for your masterpiece

STEP 2 – Prep your skin – always wash and apply mosturizer of a kind that suits and hydrates yours skin.

STEP 3 – Conceal you undereye and eyelid.

STEP 4 – Start with the base shade – supposed to be the lightest shade from the colors choosen for your look .

STEP 5 – I used plumish kinda shade to contrast violet.

STEP 6 – For this look we will only use the corner parts of our eyes as focus to create the look.

STEP 7 – This can be considered as a technique or way of applying eye shadows so that it doesn’t look boring and same as always.

STEP 8 – Blend the color on the inside part of the eye and the end part of the eye in round and pointy shape respectivey.

STEP 9 – Grab a colored liner, if you don’t have one you can do two things – use a basic black liner or use a thin pointy brush use some conceler and scratch a lil eyeshadow of your favourite color, mix and apply like a liner. It works as wonders

STEP 10 – Finish with everything else and boom you are done



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